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Practice Areas

  • Service of Subpoenas
  • Service of Summons and Complaints 
  • Skip Trace to locate Subjects 
  • Routine Service 5-7 days 
  • Rush Service 1-3 days 
  • Same day service

 ( Premium Charge) 

Our Approach

When a possible client says we use a national company , We say who do you think they were forwarding those papers to? Those companies forwarded your papers to companies just like us. 

With real life serving experience.  we have what other forwarding companies do not. Field Experience and Expertise

At National Subpoena Services we know about service of process, We have 25 years of service in the industry and have worked in the field. We know how to get things done right... the first time.

A Team in Your Corner

Our team is based on experienced, reliable servers who are tried and true. We have built our team throughout the years and know how to get your papers served correctly.

Our Team

Gabriella Oliver- Owner

An entrepreneur, Process Server who has been in the field and knows what it takes to get the job done. Fearless, she has set the standard how diligence and determination, gets the job done.

Joseph Descafano -Consulting Manager

Joseph has been around a long time. As the former owner of DPI Investigations and Process Service Joseph comes with a wealth of experience both hands on in the field and in the office.